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A better way to interact with your data

Data from multiple sources with AI-generated insights and real-time alerts delivered as Instagram™-like stories, causation and advanced context and the ability to ask questions about your data and get answers. That’s wowlytics.

It's Story Time

Your chosen KPIs and powerful AI-powered insights delivered as Instagram™-like stories as scheduled reports or as it happens. Feels like magic ✨

Explore Data

Go beyond headlines and dive into the details of your analytics data. Compare time periods and quickly access the data you’re looking for. Confusing menus not included 😉

Understand Data

Understand the context behind stories, their metrics and insights. Why they matter and clues into what might be driving metrics up or down. Like a data scientist on speed dial 📞

Live Anomaly Detection

Our live anomaly detection will alert you in near real-time for changes in your data that are outside averages or pattern for your property. Because time is money 💸

Built for Modern Teams

Give access to your entire team and external contractors or companies. Discuss and act on the insights right there on the app or share to your Slack or other channels  👀

It's about the little details

In Plain English

We provide insights and information in plain english for both advanced users and those just getting started.

No dumb insight

If a given metric changed but is within average or not representative we won’t send you an alert.

Your data, not ours

Your data is only accessible to you. We won’t sell it or otherwise use it. 

Google Analytics made better.

Google Analytics 4 is powerful, but the interface makes people scream, pull hairs and everything in between.

Where do you even find what you’re looking for? What menu is it inside? What do these new metrics even mean? 

We’re starting with Google Analytics to change how you get your data and insights delivered and how you interact with these. But that’s just the beginning, with integrations with Shopify and a bunch of other data sources coming soon, making wowlytics the hub for all of your business data.

Analytics doesn’t have to be complex and ugly.

It can be fun and intuitive 🎉

We’re a small but mighty team 👀 that believes data is at the core of good business decisions and data, and analytics in particular, doesn’t need to be complex, boring and hard to understand.
We’re building the future of how businesses interact with data and we think the future is a lot brighter. Follow along! 

psst... don't tell anyone

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