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Your data insights. Delivered as stories.

We tell you the Stories behind your data

Google Analytics is hard to use and get insights from. Your store has a ton of information but you’re likely not using even a fraction of it. 😢

We tap into your data, crunch the numbers and automatically extract relevant data based on what you care about or what needs your attention, delivering it as Instagram™-like stories you can quickly access, share with others or deep-dive into. 🚀

Get insights without digging for them 🚀
We tell you the Stories behind your data

We get data from the software you (already) use

We regularly fetch data from a number of platforms you already use. For now we support Google Analytics and a bunch of e-commerce stores with many more coming soon...

Google Analytics

...and then make it useful.

we use the data that was buried in your analytics (and/or store) to deliver timely digests with updates or anomaly detections.

Visits Insights

We monitor your Google Analytics data to automatically drive insights across 30 data points from your visitors. Anything from countries, referral sources, entry pages, repeat visitors and more.

Action Insights

Automatically get insights into what pages users are visiting more, spending time on or what events are being triggered more and changes to these.

Sales Insights

for e-commerce only

We look into your sales to deliver highlights. Most sold products, changes in AOV or purchase patterns.

Customer Insights

for e-commerce only

Know your top customers and when they visit, understand their buying patterns and where they come from to make better decisions... passively.

more types of insights, including automatically defined, coming soon

Define the insights you want
Tell us what you care about... or not.

Define the insights you want

Navigate through 50+ useful data points and tell us what you want us to create stories about. We’ll monitor these KPIs and create stories as data changes or at given intervals. Feeling stuck? 😕 Let us pick highlights from most common data people like you tend to use.

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We'll do the heavy-lifting
Tell us what you care about... or not.

We'll do the heavy-lifting

As your data changes or patterns emerge we’ll generate stories and send you a nudge according to your settings. Feeling bored? Just open stories and see what has changed in your business in the form of key highlights and insights since you last checked-in.

Note: Right now Wowlytics doesn’t do predictive analytics or AI-based forecasting. We simply monitor your data and extract key insights based on defined data points and rules. But that is something we’re exploring ✌ Holy smoke! I want it!
Share stories with others
Things are better together, right?

Share stories with others

Bring your team into wowlytics. Each user can set their own data points and get their own stories. Saw something you think Mike over at product should see too? Send it to him and it will appear in his stories. Yes, just like magic.

But don’t leave others behind — export an image of your highlighted story or create a sharing link and share with others even outside wowlytics. We are all a bit tired of lockdowns anyway right? 🙌

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It's like magic. Except it isn't.
Ask questions and get answers. Who doesn't want that?

It's like magic.
Except it isn't.

We got the data. Now lets make it useful.

Quickly ask questions just like you would any human being and get answers based on your site’s data. Want to know how many visits from a specific source? How many conversions or time spent on page? We got your back. Don’t dig for data… ask for it. Just like a personal assistant, minus the cost.

Ask a Question Feature is limited to 10 data points in the first release but we’re actively working to expand it. Can I get it?
Deep-Dive into your own data
Deep-Dive into your own data

A story can only tell you so much

Click through and see more data that is relevant to your story so you can puzzle the pieces together 🧩

Want more? Click a button and land in the right place within Google Analytics or your own store.

Yes, who can find anything in GA anyway?
Make an impression

Export Ready-Made Slides

For selected data-points, export your data as beautiful slides, right on brand, ready to be used in Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple’s Keynote or their younger counterparts (Canva, Pitch). Time Saver ⏱

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